Full Bibliography

Tales By Bob

Published Ebooks:

Rumor Has It: Tales of Clockwork and Horror, Released August 2015, Laser Blast Books

Red Sky at Morning: Tales of Clockwork and Horror II, Released August 2016, Laser Blast Books

Self Published Ebooks:

The Wolfhunter: Tales of the Konislund, Vol. 1, Released May 2016, Broken Oak Press

Create Your Way To Freedom: A Pathway to a Better Life!, Released July 2016, Broken Oak Press

Short Fiction:

"Gone Bad" - The Rubicon, Spring 2013, Troy University Literary Journal

"We Serve At Seven" - The Rubicon, Fall 2014, Troy University Literary Journal

"Whispers on the Wind" - Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, Horror Anthology Edited by Terry M.  West, Released Oct. 2014

"Colonel Gurthwait and the Black Hydra" - Avast, Ye Airships Anthology, Edited by Rie Rose Sheridan, Released Feb. 26th 2015

"Stilton's Crossroads" - Squawk Back Magazine, Issue 140, April 2015


"A New Me" - The Rubicon, Fall 2014, Troy University Literary Journal

Video Games/Apps

Frequency - A text based survival game for the iPhone.  Developed by Peter Woodrow. I was the lead writer. Released Oct. 2015.