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Bob would love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to hit him up on whatever social media platform you find him on! And should you stumble upon him in person, keep in mind that he is much friendlier than he looks.

Also, he drinks whiskey, and is no slave to taste, so the cheaper the better. He prefers Heaven Hill (he could die happy if they decided to sponsor him), mixed with Coke Zero. The quickest way to get on his good side is to have one at the ready. No pressure.

Oh and bad jokes! Like puns! He can't get enough punishment! Quickest way to his withered writer heart.

Hawaiian shirts too! He's all about them. Walk up in a nice Hawaiian, Heaven and Coke in hand, and crack a pun? You just got a new best friend.

Bob loves books, beards, and booze, so if you are about any of those things, use the #booksbeardsbooze hashtag to catch his eye.