Jubal County

Tales By Bob

This fictional Alabama county is the setting for practically all of my Southern Gothic stories, as well as the bulk of my Southern Horror. Though you do not need to know or enjoy the stories of one genre to enjoy the others, they do share a universe. People overlap between the tales in small ways, creating a full, rich setting evocative of the area I was born and raised I hope.

Jubal County is located in central Alabama. It is bordered by Crenshaw, Butler, Lowndes, and Montgomery Counties. It is one of the poorest and least populous counties in the state.

Points of Interest:

Bay Houdan. Founded in 1834, longtime home to the would be aristocratic Monroe family. These days it is little more than a ghost town. During the civil rights movement it was the center of racial strife in the area.

Elk Grove. The county seat and largest town in the county.

Sumpville. The second largest town, though not by much.

Stiltons Crossroads. A tiny farming community which has drawn more than its fair share of eccentrics.

The Honorable Hoct-ta-chaubee Barbeque Club. An elite barbeque club that has a history going back almost as far as the county itself.

Church of Jesus Christ with Signs Revealed. A church of fundamentalist snake-handlers.