The World of Mystery and War

Tales By Bob

Kelvuir is my oldest original setting, created back in 2004 with a friend as a place for us to run our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Having spent my previous campaigns trudging through the Forgotten Realms (arguably DnD’s most signature setting) I resolved to create a world that would be familiar enough to fantasy lovers that they would not be completely alienated, but different enough to stand out. It would also have a far different tone from the Forgotten Realms, forgoing how human-centric it was, and creating a world where most of the races stood on equal footing. Kelvuir is not a world where the Elves are fleeing in droves to hidden realms, where dwarves are slowly dwindling away under their mountains. It is a world where all the major races are in their prime. It is not the planet’s golden age, but that time is not far off. It is a world with enough age to have mystery, and young enough to seek to solve those mysteries.


One of Kelvuir’s signature’s is the wizard Worldshaper. At some point in the distant past he ascended almost to godhood, and appointed himself as a sort of regent/protector of the world. This power also drove him mad. Using his awesome power he has created races and reshaped the very face of the planet to suit his whim. He has destroyed whole realms, and saved others, and his numerous apprentices have helped guide the world to its present state.

In the past his greatest magical workings, such as the sinking of Selaria, has caused massive confluxes of power. These winds of magic swirl together and over time develop into hurricanes of arcane energy. Anything they pass over is forever changed, thankfully they only last for a week or so at most. The origin of several races has come about in this way, such as the Taur, who were once a tribe of nomadic herders merged with their beasts, and the Gnomes and Halflings, whose origin come from several groups of dwaves being struck.

He is the most powerful being on the planet, but fortunately he has remained more or less quiet for the last millennium, content to let the work of the previous millennia come to fruition under his watchful eye. In spite of his relative quiet, no one has forgotten that he still lives in his tower at the heart of the Red Wastes

The Seven Lands

Seven continents make up the bulk of the land of Kelvuir. There are a number of other smaller islands, but the majority of life on the planet resides on those seven landmasses. They are:

Dornhost: Divided up into four major powers, it is the most fractious continent in the world. To the east are the 100 Kingdoms, a realm made up of numerous smaller kingdoms who constantly war amongst each other, unless faced with an outside foe. To the west are the Tribelands, a clan based realm in touch with nature. To the south is the Blight, the sight of a major magical catastophe that all but destroyed the area save for a few floating cities. It is a realm of nightmares and cults. At the heart of these three larger powers is Dravar-Kol, the Waterfall City, the largest city in the world and a major center for trade.

Uzzah: The birthplace of the Dwarven race, and their cousins the gnomes and halflings. Also home to the Quarren, a race created when the detritus at the base of the mountains around dwarven holds was infused with Wolrdshapers magic.

Telnoch: At center of this land are the Red Wastes, where Wroldshapers tower resides. The Taur races surround them in a number of clan based societies, worshiping the wizard as their god.

Dangor: An icy realm to the far north, home to giants and a hardy seafaring matriarchy.

Megrab: The second largest continent. Virtually every race has a presence here. Notable realms include: The Magacracy of Thesaloon, the ever warring countries of Foralt and Mundi, The Empire of Graliss which is the largest country in the world, the dwarven realm of Highdelve, and the Ween of the Waterlords.

Galnash: Homeland of the orcish people. Once it and Everhome were one, but a rising enmity between the elvan and orcish pantheons spread to their races and their land was rent in two.

Everhome: Homeland of the elvan races. Once it and Galnash were one, but a rising enmity between the elvan and orcish pantheons spread to their races and their land was rent in two.