Are you creative? Stuck in a rut? Like a book with a snarky, dry wit telling you how to better yourself and achieve your goals? Then this is the product for you! Even better if you have a short attention span, as this is fairly short!

Really though, included within are a few easy to understand steps that will hopefully help you achieve your goals. Using frequent examples and a bit of common sense, the book lays out a pathway that anyone can follow.

The drunken mage Roymond Altool, convicted of murder and a coward, has been sentenced to life in the service in the armed forces of the Rodian Empire. Will he find redemption? Or his death?

In the first installment of Robert McGough’s grim "Tales of the Konislund” series, read on as the wolfhunter Valko Nayden hunts an array of supernatural and terrifying foes. In the seven tales within he roams a dark world filled with all manner of evil creatures and spirits that have chosen to make humanity their prey. Moving from village to village, the wily hunter encounters the best and worst in humanity, and finds that the greatest monsters often look as plain as you and me.

In the first installment of Robert McGough’s thrilling “Clockwork and Horror” series, mercenary Rumor stalks prey both human and otherwise through a set of riveting short stories, culminating in the novella “Death in the Mountain.”

My story, Colonel Gurthwait and the Black Hydra, features in this amazing anthology. Go get your ebook copy from Amazon by clicking the link below!

My short horror story, Whispers on the Wind, was chosen to join an amazing lineup of other tales in this anthology. Go pick up a copy from Amazon by clicking the link below!

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