The Mythos

Tales By Bob

One of my leading influences has been H.P. Lovecraft. What drew me to him most was his mythos, and it always bothered me that he was never able to clearly lay it out. Most of that fell to those who came after him. And as much as I love his mythos, I did not want to use his. So, using my love of gnosticism, I created my own. This is the mythos behind many of my horror stories, such as Whispers on the Wind.

The Mythos

In the beginning there was naught but God. He was all that there was. But he was eternal. So eternality had to be a thing. He was wise, so wisdom was a thing. Each of these emanations of God became known as the Aeons, of which there were thirty, bonded, male and female in fifteen pairs, which altogether where known as the Pleroma.

The youngest of all was Sophia, the Aeon of Wisdom. She foolishly sought to know all that God knew, but unable to handle it, she fell, and in falling came to know Fear. With Fear came a host of other negative emotions that had never existed, but Fear was the first and most powerful of these lesser entities. These beings had no idea anything but themselves and Sophia existed, so Fear, known as Samael Yaldabaoth sensing that Sophia was much much more powerful than he, but also at that moment terribly out of sorts, built a prison to trap her in so that he could steal that power. That prison is Earth.

Now that she was trapped, Samael needed a way to siphon out her power, so that he could assume her role of creator as he saw it. Having the power to create, but not in the way that God or even and Aeon could, he spent untold ages crafting the world to create vessels capable of releasing her power to him: humans. Within each human a tiny seed of Sophias power was contained, it is this that came to be known as their soul.

However these seeds were not big enough to be harvested, they were so tiny that they dissipated instantly on death and returned to Sophia. But Samaelwas patient, and continued to work and shape the human race. Eventually certain bloodlines, all around the world began to be born with more than just a seed of her power, enough to actually be harvested by Samael.

When he harvested the first one however, Sophia, who had been sleeping in her prison, as yet unaware of what had even happened to her, kept slumbering and unknowing by Samael Yaldabaoths power, screamed out. It was then that her bonded mate, Theletos, became aware of her plight. He found he was unable to breach the prison without killing her in the process. He also knew that to approach God might lead to he and Sophia becoming punished. So he sought to free her, or at least keep her power from being siphoned into Samael.

It is said that to that end he has sent a portion of his power to earth six times in order to help humanity shake off the power of Samael Yaldabaoth, and to build organizations to help free her. So powerful is he that his avatars always shape the world in powerful ways.

His first avatar came to India. He was known there as Krishna.

His second came to the cold northlands, and was known as Odin.

His third went to Africa, as Obatala.

His fourth came to China, as a simple monk, Buddha.

His fifth came to the Middle East, and was called Jesus.

His sixth is unknown in name, but it is known he was in the Americas.

It is said that should a seventh be forced to come, he will risk destroying the prison. It may even now be here though...who can say.

It is now a race between those who seek to capture the 'wise ones,' as those with a spark are known. The forces of Samael Yaldabaoth capture them to siphon their soul to their master, while the forces of Theletos seek to release that spark peacefully back to Sophia, all while seeking a way to free her from her prison.

Humanity is doomed. If Samael succeeds in siphoning all her power away, he will no longer have need of this prison, or us. If Theletos succeeds in freeing her, they will return to the Pleroma, taking the sparks that give us life with them. Either way Humanity dies. Our only hope is that Sophia might take pity on us and leave enough of herself behind to keep us alive. But all scholars agree that it is highly unlikely that she would take pity on what she views as tools of the being that imprisoned her.

'Wise Ones' can, once they realize their potential, exhibit powerful physic abilities. There are no set forms that they come in, but telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, pyrokinetic, and remote viewing are all fairly common, though they may manifest in unusual ways.

The Forces of Sophia:

The Order of Simon. A secret order within the catholic church named for Simon Magus, who they hold as the founder of their sect. Heavily gnostic, they were based out of Ireland. They hold that Saint Patrick was a member of their order, and that his mission to Ireland was to establish a land for the order to flourish. It was not snakes that he drove out they say, but creatures of the Samael Yaldabaoth, a protection that lasted for almost a millennia. Today their main bases of operation are all across Ireland, Newfoundland, and Boston. They however have members all around the world. They believe there are/were 666 bloodlines that contain/contained wise ones. Over the years some have been forever lost to the Samael Yaldabaoth. Heavily involved in genealogy (to the point of starting the Mormon church as a front for their efforts) they have tracked and monitor roughly 250 bloodlines across the western world, in order to protect them from Samael Yaldabaoth.