Not only is every episode of the podcast hosted on there, it is also where we post some of our Patreon content. For that Derek and I are building a world, as you can see in the video here. To see the others in the series, go check out our Patreon!

You can also find videos of Derek and I sampling various liquors on there, giving our thoughts and opinions on regional and local drinks, like Still's Crossroads 'Shine.

A few years back some friends and I formed a small group called WorldShaper Productions to make short movies. The two below are our most ambitious, and perhaps best output. I wrote and directed them, so you could say they are tales by Bob, with a lot of great help.

Gypsy Men is a short comedy movie.

Tales by Bob

Bridges is a found footage style horror movie.

Did you know Tales by Bob and Books, Beards, Booze have a YouTube channel? Yep! With all sorts of great content on there. For one thing, I partake in the occasional Booktube outing, relaying my thoughts on books and comics I love, like the video here on my left.

Writer of the Strange and Fantastic