New from Laser Blast Books! In "Rumor Has It," the first installment of Robert McGough’s thrilling “Clockwork and Horror” series, mercenary Rumor stalks prey both human and otherwise through a set of riveting short stories, culminating in the novella “Death in the Mountain.” The genre-busting series is set in a dark world that blends the mechanistic aesthetics of Jules Verne with the fantasy adventure of Tolkien. Rumor moves from hunt to hunt, exploring cities more marked by savagery than civilization, and wilderness where terrifying legends are real. The darkest horrors he finds aren’t in otherworldly beasts and mechanical nightmares, but in the inner desires of mankind.

Stories of the Strange and Fantastic

In the first installment of Robert McGough’s grim "Tales of the Konislund” series, read on as the wolfhunter Valko Nayden hunts an array of supernatural and terrifying foes. In the seven tales within he roams a dark world filled with all manner of evil creatures and spirits that have chosen to make humanity their prey. Moving from village to village, the wily hunter encounters the best and worst in humanity, and finds that the greatest monsters often look as plain as you and me.


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